Sunday, May 4, 2014

Urban Decay Addiction

Today they're known primarily for their kickass eyeshadow, but did you know Urban Decay actually started as a nail polish company? In the past year or so, UD has started releasing polishes again and I think Addiction might just be the prettiest of them all!

Addiction is a smoky, gunmetal-infused green packed with gold and olive shimmer. The shimmer is so dense that Addiction looks more or less like a foil polish. I've seen a few bloggers compare this shade to Chanel Graphite, so if you missed out on that polish, Addiction could be a great alternative!

This mani is from a little while back so I don't remember exactly how many coats I used. It was either three or four. I do recall though that the overall formula was really nice. Addiction wore very well on me, with no chipping and only minimal tip wear.

Do you have any Urban Decay polishes? I really want to try another one of their polishes called Zodiac!


  1. I picked this one up a few weeks ago. Still not tried it out yet and it's the only Urban Decay polish I own! Look good :-)

  2. This looks awesome on you! I actually didn't know they started off as a nail polish company!

  3. Ooh, Chelsea, this is gorgeous!! Love, love, LOVE.


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