Friday, May 2, 2014

Butter London Branwen's Feather

Butter London Branwen's Feather is a sleek blackened purple with subtle red and silver shimmer. This polish is meant to mimic the look of a raven's feather. If you've ever seen one up close, then you know they're not completely black; they have a bit or iridescence to them--and that's where the shimmer in Branwen's Feather comes in. It's a cool concept for a polish, really!

The formula is lovely and didn't give me any trouble whatsoever. I used three coats here.

With all the advertising for the upcoming Maleficent movie kicking into high gear, I can't help thinking this is something that character would wear. Overall, my favorite thing about this polish has to be the shimmer! It really livens up the base color and keeps it from veering too far into near-black territory.

All the grey and rainy weather here lately has put me in the mood for a good vampy shade and Branwen's Feather certainly scratched that itch! I think any vamp lover would be very pleased to add this one to their collection.


  1. Seriously glam--I love how rich this is! Vampy and all kinds of gorgeous.


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