Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OPI Rose of Light

OPI Rose of Light is a pink and rose gold glitterbomb complete with silver holo squares for mega sparkle! I'm kinda obsessed with rose gold so naturally I had to have this polish. Unlike its collection mate, the disappointing Blush Hour, Rose of Light looks fabulous worn either alone or layered. I opted to sport it solo here and I absolutely love how it looks!

Unfortunately I can't remember if it took three or four coats to build this up to opacity, but either way, the dabbling application method will be the quickest, easiest option if you want to wear this polish alone.

I was disappointed in the Spotlight On Glitter Collection overall (so many re-promotes!) but Rose of Light is the collection's big saving grace, if you ask me. You can't go wrong when you put metallic and holo glitter together. The end result is a polish that catches the light like crazy! It's got this sparkling, champagne-y look to it that had me staring at my hands all day long. If you're a rose gold lover, like me, this is a polish you'll want to pick up!


  1. This is gorgeous! I totally forgot to get this one the last time I saw it. I'll have to get it next time.

    1. Thanks Melissa! It's a beautiful polish--definitely one worth going back for!

  2. Very nice and very glittery! :-)

  3. Ooh! I don't even like rose gold, but wow, that sparkle! Gorgeous.

    Yeah, I don't really understand the Spotlight on Glitter Collection. I mean, I'm glad I grabbed Chasing Rainbows because I missed it as Rainbow Connection, but with so many repromotes I think could have done well marketing them as such ("Another chance to get those fab LEs you missed!" or whatever) and saved the new ones for their own release.


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