Monday, May 12, 2014

Essie Haute In The Heat Preview

In addition to a new batch of neons, Essie has another collection launching this summer: Haute In The Heat. (I keep typing Haute As Hello, which is the name of a polish in Essie's core collection.) The collection officially launches in June but rumor has it some stores and salons are already stocking it. So here's a look at what to keep your eyes peeled for!
Haute In The Heat
Strut Your Stuff 
Fierce, No Fear 
Urban Jungle
Ruffles and Feathers

Some nice colors here, to be sure, but I feel like we've seen these from Essie before. Roarrrrange looks like Orange, It's Obvious!, Haute In The Heat looks like Style Hunter, Strut Your Stuff looks like a less saturated I'm Addicted... But maybe I'm just trying to convince myself I don't need anything because I'm on a no-buy til OPI Coca-Cola comes out. But I've been eyeing I'm Addicted from Essie's recent Too Taboo Collection, so I'll definitely be picking up Strut Your Stuff if I don't snag I'm Addicted!

So what do YOU think: see any must-haves or just same old, same old?


  1. Nothing seems to be really popping out to me - nothing special really :-|

  2. I found 4 of these shades at my CVS yesterday and picked up Strut Your Stuff -- seems familiar, but I had $10 in extra bucks, sooooooo ... :)


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