Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Space-Inspired Manicure

"SPAAAAAAAACE!" The Portal series is a favorite of mine, so that was my first thought when I saw this week's Twinsie Tuesday theme was to do a space-inspired mani. If you've played Portal 2, I'm sure you remember the hilarious and endearingly annoying Space Core. If you haven't played the game, I'll probably do a terrible job of explaining the reference, but I'll try my best!

In the Portal series, you play as Chell, a test subject trapped in the abandoned Aperture Science labs. The only other entity that remains inside the labs is a psychotic AI named GLaDOS who is hellbent on stopping your escape from the testing center. Portal's puzzle gameplay is addicting and really makes you think, while the game's dialogue will consistently make you laugh out loud. One of the funniest characters you come across in Portal 2 is the Space Core, a corrupted AI personality core that is obsessed with traveling to space.

So I decided to have a little fun with this mani and draw the Space Core hanging out in space!

For my nail with the Space Core on it, I started with a base of Illamasqua Scorch, a white creme, then drew the lines of the Space Core using a black Sally Hansen nail art pen. His "eye" is Rainbow Honey Gilded Angel. The rest of my nails are Rimmel Black Satin with China Glaze Haunting layered over top. I was going to try and scrawl one of the Space Core's many, many space-related quotes on my thumb, but my silver Sally Hansen pen decided to crap out halfway through, so sadly I had to abandon that idea and paint over it.

I hope you enjoyed my silly little space mani today! Be sure to take a look at what my Twinsies did for their space nails today too!

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