Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: OPI This Gown Needs A Crown

This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme was to do a manicure inspired by weather. The weather here has been pretty crappy lately: all rain--and not cozy, curl up with a book rain, either. Instead, we get a whole week of depressing grey rains and awful winds. So I am looking forward to getting past this gross transitional weather and to some actual snow! Hence I had winter on the brain for this theme. My choice may not be the most literal one but hey, it's pretty so that counts for something, right? ;)

This Gown Needs A Crown, from this year's Miss Universe Collection, is a gleaming silver in OPI's new Satin finish, which is set to play a big role in their upcoming collaboration with Gwen Stefani. The satin texture of this polish and the way the light casts such a beautiful sheen across it reminds me of sunlight on freshly fallen snow. It's a perfect silver for wintertime!

The formula is excellent and applies very effortlessly. I used three coats here, although one or two nails needed four. The Satin finish is meant to be worn without a topcoat, so I skipped one for this mani. However, I did still use my regular basecoat and that did not seem to impact application at all. I thought the Satin finish would have a bit of grittiness to it, almost like a toned down Liquid Sand, but it is actually glassy smooth, even without any topcoat! I can't wait to try more Satin polishes!

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  1. This looks great on you! I never like silver foils on me.

    1. Thanks Lakeisha! I tend to feel the same way about gold foils on me.

  2. Replies
    1. Mine too! :) I was really tempted to get all three, but ultimately, this was the one that called to me the most.

  3. This is definitely a pretty polish for winter! :D

  4. Beautiful! But I can't see a difference between the satin finish and just a metallic...

  5. It's not a huge difference, at least not with this polish, and it's a hard effect to show on camera. But in person, I'd say the satin finish looks close to matte in low light and doesn't really sparkle like a metallic does. It's more of a sheen, if that makes any sense, and it's not reflective like some foils are. But yeah, not an earth-shattering difference between the two. :)


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