Friday, June 28, 2013

Butter London Colour Clash Preview

Butter London has unveiled their fall collection, Colour Clash, now available on their website! The collection features five new, extra bright shades and the re-release of a previously exclusive shade. Take a look!

L to R: Wellies, Silly Billy, Cake Hole (previously exclusive to Macy's), Cotton Buds, Giddy Kipper, Pimms

Honestly, I'm not really digging this collection as much as some of BL's previous releases. They seem like colors we have seen before. I love Butter for unique shades like Two Fingered Salute, Gobsmacked, No More Waity Katie, etc. But these don't seem as exciting to me.

Maybe I'm being overly harsh. What do you think of the Colour Clash Collection? Do you see anything that catches your eye here?


  1. Meh. I mean, they're all really pretty, but they aren't unique.

    1. That's exactly how I feel. They're not bland or anything, but they've been done.

  2. lol you're not being harsh at all. Nice colors, but definitely not unique


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