Saturday, June 8, 2013

Naild'It Olympic Flame

Okay, so obviously I'm a little (more like a lot) late to the party on this one, since the Olympics have long since come and gone. But pretty is pretty, no matter what the time of year, so I think Naild'It Olympic Flame is still worth showing off! This poor polish has been sitting in my untrieds for long enough and it's a shame I took so long to take it for a test run, because it really is beautiful!

Olympic Flame has a clear base loaded with gold and silver glitter, along with splashes of orange, red, yellow green and purple in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is one coat over Precision Sandstorm.

There are heart and star-shaped glitters in this polish, but I didn't pull up any during this particular mani. I didn't fish around for any of them though. Other than the elusiveness of some of the bigger glitter pieces, the formula is excellent. Olympic Flame is a super fun polish and I love the little matte pops of color throughout!

You can purchase Naild'It on Etsy. (Their Etsy store is on vacation at the moment, but you can still see a list of all of other places you can shop for Naild'It in the meantime.)


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