Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nicole by OPI Tink Preview

This summer, NOPI will be releasing six new shades inspired by everyone's favorite feisty fairy (say that three times fast), Disney's Tinkerbell. The collection will be released on July 1st at select Walgreen's nationwide. Take a look!

NIB01_Pixie Glitter
Pixie Glitter
NIB02_How Fairy Nice of You! 
How Fairy Nice Of You!
NIB03_Tink's in the Pink 
Tink's in the Pink
NIB04_Sweet on Pete 
Sweet on Pete
NIB05_Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary 
Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
NIB06_Half Charming Half Alarming 
Half Charming/Half Alarming

I dunno. There are some pretty-looking shades here, but with the exception of maybe Sweet on Pete (reminds me of her outfit), none of these really say "Tinkerbell" to me. What about a midnight blue with silver shimmer for when Tink and Peter fly through the night sky? An iridescent shade for her wings or a golden glitter polish for her fairy dust? It just seems like kind of a missed opportunity to me and I don't see much connection between the character and the colors themselves. 

Remember Pixi's Tinkerbell-themed collection from a while back? I think that was a great example of a collection that captured the whimsy of the character (she's a fairy, after all) but still had grown-up appeal.

Do you see Tink in these shades? Does it matter to you if a collaboration takes direct inspiration and color queues from its namesake?


  1. I agree with you. Sweet on Pete really stands out, but the others may have missed the mark. As far as Tinkerbell inspiration goes, Pixi is the clear winner.

    1. There are certainly some pretty shades here, but I feel like they could have had a lot of fun with these polishes! I really liked Pixi's take on Tinkerbell. It was fun but still sophisticated enough where it didn't look like "play make-up" for kids.


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