Friday, June 21, 2013

Incoco Heavy Metal Manicure & Pedicure Wraps: Review & Swatches

I am on something of a nail wrap kick lately, so I was really excited to try out some products from one of the biggest names in nail wraps, Incoco. The wraps, which are available in different versions for both nails and toes, come in a variety of colors and designs. The color I'll be reviewing for you today, Heavy Metal, is a shiny silver chrome.

Unlike most nail wraps, which are more like stickers, Incoco's are made with real nail polish--complete with topcoat and basecoat built right in--so they have a much thinner and more flexible texture to them than other wraps I've used. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but ultimately made them some of the easiest wraps to apply that I've ever tried. If you've had trouble with more traditional nail wraps, give these a shot. They go on super smoothly, without creasing, bubbling or denting. All you do is peel, place, then file off the excess.

I did have some visible tipwear on a few nails after just over a day of wear, which was kind of disappointing, but after that initial hiccup, these wraps wore well. I didn't have any tearing, peeling or chipping after four days.

I also received some Heavy Metal pedicure wraps, which look the same as the nail wraps, but come in sizes that work better for toes. They are maybe slightly thicker than the nail wraps, but otherwise they apply the exact same. The set, which retails for $7.99, includes two sheets of eight wraps (good for one application), a polish remover wipe, a double-ended nail file and a cuticle stick.

The toe wraps are supposed to be good for up to 14 days, but I have been wearing mine for over two weeks now and they still look virtually brand new. I'm seriously impressed with how durable they are! I don't paint my toes nearly as often as my nails, so I really appreciate having something as long-wearing as these. Here's how they looked right after I first applied them.


I tried to take the picture close up enough so you could see the wraps, but far enough away for those of you who are, y'know, not a fan of looking at other people's feet haha. I thought it might be tough to apply wraps on my toes, since they are so much smaller than my fingers, but the wraps are sized perfectly and it was surprisingly easy! I would totally buy another set of these!

You can purchase Incoco on their official website.

Disclosure: These products were provided to me for my honest review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


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