Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: OPI The Impossible

Our theme for this week's Twinsie Tuesday features arguably the hottest trend in polish today: textured polish! I personally am a big fan of textured polishes, especially sparkly ones like OPI's Liquid Sand. The Impossible, a glittery red complete with star glitter, is one of OPI's original Liquid Sands, released with the Mariah Carey Collection earlier this year.

The formula is excellent and delivers complete opacity in two coats. My one main complaint though is that the star glitter tends to hang around the bottom of the bottle. The first time I wore this polish, I was determined to get at least one star and I really had to fish for it. But this time around, I got two without even trying, so it's kind of a crap shoot. Also, I love the stars, but I can never get them to lie completely flat on my nail! The corners always snag on stuff and it drives me a bit nuts. :-/ This is more of a complaint about star glitter in general though rather than an isolated issue with this specific polish.

That being said, this polish is very pretty and a prime example of why I think Liquid Sand are some of the best textured polishes currently on the market. I would say the best, but after recently trying out Zoya's PixieDust, it would be too tough for me to choose between the two!

What do you think of the whole textured trend? Whatever your feelings, I do hope you'll check out what my fellow Twinsies are wearing on their nails today! :)

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  1. This color is so pretty! Kinda wished I had picked this one up back when!

  2. I love textured polishes so much! The OPIs with star glitters in them are awesome, but I'm a pretty big fan of the Pixie Dusts!

  3. I haven't tried any OPI textured polishes. This is such a pretty colour

  4. I haven't tried any from OPI. This is a pretty color, but I would probably leave the stars out.

  5. The Impossible is one of the two that I got and I love it! It's such a beautiful, summery color. I literally got no stars at all during my application but it didn't really bother me.

  6. This one looks great! Aw I'm glad you were able to get a couple stars in this one!

  7. Nice mixture of glitter in this one.

  8. I almost wore this one for today too! Love it

  9. I've never tried the OPI Liquid Sands, but for some reason in my head, they feel jellyish, not rough.


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