Saturday, May 2, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades Preview

2015 has gotta be OPI's busiest year EVER! If you weren't already blowing your polish budget trying to buy your picks from their ten zillion other recent collections (not that I'm complaining--one can never have too much OPI), here's yet another collection to look out for: Soft Shades, the first shade extension of the Infinite Shine line. These puppies are slated for a May release, so they should be hitting shelves any day now, if they're not already!

If you're unfamiliar with Infinite Shine, I did a detailed review HERE. As for the new colors, Soft Shades is annual staple of OPI's regular line, so I'm sure you know the general idea of what to expect here.

OPI - Eternally Turquoise *INFINITE SHINE 2015* #ISL33
Eternally Turquoise
OPI - Go to Grayt Lengths *INFINITE SHINE 2015* #ISL36 
Go To Grayt Lengths
OPI - Beyond the Pale Pink *INFINITE SHINE 2015* #ISL35 
Beyond The Pale Pink
OPI - Pearl of Wisdom *INFINITE SHINE 2015* #ISL34 
Pearl Of Wisdom
OPI - Non-Stop White *INFINITE SHINE 2015* #ISL32 
Non-Stop White
OPI - The Beige of Reason *INFINITE SHINE 2015* #ISL31 
The Beige Of Reason

Nothing really grabs me here--too many neutrals and pearly shimmers for my taste. But I'll admit I very rarely get excited for any of the Soft Shades collections; they're just not my thing.

So that's good news for my wallet! What about yours? See anything you'll be needing?

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