Thursday, May 14, 2015

Orly Color Blast Disney's Belle Collection Preview

On the heels of their Elsa-themed collection earlier this year, Orly's Color Blast line is launching another Disney princess collab. This time, it features Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Top row, L to R: Enchanted Rose, Break The Spell, Crazy Old Maurice
Bottom row, L to R: Tea With Mrs. Potts, Positively Primeval Gaston, Nose In A Book


I'm biased because Belle (along with Jasmine) was my favorite Disney princess as a little girl, but I really like this collection. The colors look so cute and I definitely want at least one of those blues!

These launch this Month, exclusively at Walgreen's. Have you seen them near you yet?


  1. Replies
    1. I think so too! I went hunting for these at my local Walgreens yesterday with no luck. :(

  2. Is it me or do a lot of these shades look just like the Frozen inspired collected they released a couple of months ago? At first I thought it was a repromote of the same set but now I can see a peach and a pale pink that was not in the Elsa set. Still, they are so similar I don't think I need these.

    1. There are definitely some VERY similar shades between the two sets. I think the whole Color Blast line consists mainly of repackaged colors from Orly's main line. I didn't pick up anything from the Elsa collection and my Orly buying in general has slowed waaayyy down over the years.

  3. They're cute, but as with the Frozen Color Blasts, I'm pretty sure I already have the original Orly shades, so ... money saved :D

    (Belle was my favorite, but only because Mulan didn't come out until I was getting too old for Disney, LOL)

    1. I didn't pick up anything from the Elsa Collection, because I am the only person in America who hasn't seen Frozen, hahaha.

      I had a Mulan doll my grandmother gave me and I remember taking it with me to summer camp. There were lots of mosquitoes one day at camp, so I sprayed bug spray all over Mulan (because, eight-year old logic). It smeared all of the paint on her face to the point that it pretty much disfigured her. Mulan didn't get played with as much after that. :-/ Ahhhhh, memories...


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