Sunday, March 15, 2015

Essie Blossom Dandy

I came across the Essie spring collection yesterday! It's a pretty set of colors, but the only one that really screamed "BUY ME!" was Blossom Dandy. I think it's the most unique of the bunch. Blossom Dandy is a cool-toned pastel blue with a nice hint of mint to it.


Basking in the direct sunlight: 

LOVE. THIS. COLOR. It's beyond gorgeous, guys. This was a instant shoe-in for one of my all-time favorite Essie's! The color is so stinkin' cute and absolutely perfect for spring. It's pastel and it manages to be sort of both blue AND green, so this polish is just hitting all my buttons.

The formula is pretty good. By pastel standards, it's really not all that streaky. However, I did find it doesn't self-level especially well, but it was nothing a little top coat couldn't fix. I used three coats here.

To me, this is the hands-down standout from all of Essie's spring collections. Just Stitched from Cashmere Matte is my second favorite, but Blossom Dandy is just freakin' perfect.


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