Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lumina Lacquer Social Meteor

Lumina Lacquer Social Meteor is a clear-based glitterbomb with grey, baby pink and pastel yellow in a variety of shapes, like circles, crescent moons, stars, hearts and hexes. These are colors you wouldn't necessarily think to put together, but I love the combination and all the different shapes are super fun!

The formula is just okay. I had to fish a lot to get the larger glitter pieces on my brush (seems like they tended to sink toward the bottom of the bottle) and it took some extra guidance to make the glitter distribute the way I wanted it to on the nail. Dabbling and placing are ideal application strategies here. What you see above is two coats of Social Meteor over Deborah Lippmann Chasing Pavements.

While the formula was alright, I still fell in love with the look of this polish. It's so cute and the pops of pastel are very pretty and feminine-looking. I had my eye on this polish for a long time before I finally pulled the trigger and I'm definitely glad I indulged!

You can purchase Lumina Lacquer from their website.

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  1. What a pretty pastel glitter! Perfect for Spring.


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