Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: OPI La Boheme

Today we're sharing our favorite discontinued polishes. I always have a hard time playing favorites, so these types of themes are kinda tough for me. But this time, I went with one of the crown jewels of my polish collection: OPI La Boheme! This vampy burgundy shimmer came out way back in 2003 as part of the Holiday on Broadway Collection and has since achieved something of a cult status among collectors. The whole collection was crazy awesome--another shade from it, Movin' Out, was a close runner-up for me this week.

I have never seen a shimmer as glowing and alive as the one in La Boheme. It's seriously unreal how sparkly and vibrant it is! Plus there are some stunning hints of orange duochrome to make this polish even more complex. Pictures absolutely fail to do it any justice. You have to see it dancing in the light before your eyes to really get how beautiful and special this red is! Alright, enough raving, let's see it, shall we?!

I couldn't help but include this swatch from my original post on La Boheme, since I feel like it shows off the duochrome in this polish so nicely!

That picture makes me really miss my old swatch lamp. It was fantastic for duochromes--something my current lamp can't seem to ever capture as well. Is that weird, missing a lamp? Anywho...

My bottle could definitely benefit from some thinner. It's an older polish, plus the bottle is a little more than halfway empty, so it's getting kinda gloppy. I'm fresh out of thinner at the moment though, so I had to struggle through--thankfully this gorgeous red is more than worth the extra effort! ;) This is two coats.

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  1. Well I've never looked up a picture of La Boheme but I know that it's crazy wished for and it is beautiful!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love how it shines!

  3. La Boheme is such a classic! I've got to pull it out and wear it again soon. It's so crazy beautiful!

  4. What a nice shimmery red. Its very festive too.

  5. Beautiful polish. It's easy to see why everyone went a bit crazy about it.

  6. How crazy is it that this collection came out that long ago??


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