Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Essie Wrap Me Up

Let's continue our journey through Essie's Cashmere Matte Collection today with Wrap Me Up, a porcelain nude satin. This was one of the shades I was most looking forward to. I love me some off-whites and the satin finish of Wrap Me Up makes for absolutely perfect china doll nails!

The formula on Wrap Me Up was okay. It doesn't have the drag that Comfy In Cashmere does, but it is the streakiest of the Cashmere Mattes. It took me four coats to get full, even opacity. I also found it interesting that while the rest of the Cashmere Mattes have worn quite well on me (especially when you consider that I wear them without topcoat), Wrap Me Up chipped quickly. After less than a day of wear, I had a large chip on my right index finger and even when I wore it with topcoat, it still continued to chip consistently.

With topcoat, this one doesn't have the shimmer to it that the other Cashmere Mattes do; it looks more like a creme than anything else. If you're curious, you can see a pic of it with topcoat in yesterday's Twinsie Tuesday post. It's a great blank canvas shade to either wear alone or use as a base for glitter and other goodies!


  1. Its a pretty light pinky nude.

  2. I am on the fence about this one. I really do love the color and the finish is interesting, but I find it difficult to apply evenly. I wanted to throw a good coat of SV on it to see if that would even out the finish! I will work with it some more, though, because it is so pretty.


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