Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme

We've all been there. You see a polish--on the internet, in a magazine--and are overcome by an instant, overwhelming urge to have it on your fingertips. But sometimes, for one reason or another, you can't buy it just then, so you have to file it away on your wishlist and hope that someday, it will be yours. We call these coveted polishes "lemmings" and this week's Twinsie Tuesday theme was to feature a polish that had been a longtime lemming of ours.

The polish I chose was Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme, a bright, true orange creme. I used to be really into collecting fashion magazines and editorials and Dutch model Lara Stone, the co-creator of this polish, was/is one of my favorite models. In the fashion world, Lara's known for her gap-toothed smile and killer curves.

According to Deborah, Lara came to her with a request for the perfect shade of orange to show off her Dutch pride. (Orange is the color of the Dutch royal family and became a symbol of national pride throughout the Netherlands.) She wanted an orange that was bright, but not neon. The resulting shade, of course, was Lara's Theme.

As both a fan of Lara's and a girl who was also in search of her perfect orange polish, Lara's Theme was a shoe-in for my wishlist. I took a long time to pull the trigger, but eventually found it (plus a bottle of Deborah Lippmann's incredible cuticle oil) for seven or eight bucks on Ebay. I couldn't resist such a steal!

The formula is divine and covers in three coats. Lara's Theme is such a rich, vibrant shade of orange that works perfectly for both the citrus shades of summer and the harvest hues of fall. It took a long time for Lara's Theme to finally find its way into my stash, but it was well worth the wait! I not only squashed a long-term lemming, but I found my new favorite orange polish too!

What was the last polish you had a major lemming for? If you're in search of some new polishes to lust after, I'm sure my fellow Twinsies can help you out with that! ;)

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  1. I didn't know that about this DL shade! Love the polish history and the color!

  2. A gorgeous orange, and what a killer deal!!

  3. I've always wanted to try this one too! My kind of color!! Love it on you :)

  4. This is a SUPER GORGEOUS color! It's perfect for that summer to fall transition too :)

  5. thanks for sharing the history of this gorgeous polish! It looks fab on you!

  6. I love this color! I'm usually not a big orange fan, but it is a pretty gorgeous orange!

  7. So pretty! This has been on my wishlist for the longest.

  8. I can see why you wanted this one. It's beautiful!


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