Monday, March 10, 2014

OPI In True Stefani Fashion

I mentioned a few days ago in my review of the first half of Barielle's Spring Velvets Collection that there was one polish, Cream N Sugar, that I wound up using as a base for glitter to make a mani that was a bit more my taste. Well that glitter was OPI In True Stefani Fashion, which I am going to show you today!

In True Stefani Fashion is a silver holographic glitterbomb. What makes this one a bit more unique than the countless other silver holo glitters out there is that it has little holo squares thrown into the mix!

Ugh, looking at those shots from before I had to chop my nails off makes me cry a little on the inside. From a practical perspective, they were really starting to get too long for my personal tastes but they looked so freakin' pretty!

The formula here was very nice to work with. There's a good amount of squares so you don't have to worry about fishing or placing. I used one coat for this mani. I think In Stefani Fashion is a fun way to spice up a nude polish, but of course it would really sparkle and shine over a darker base too!


  1. I just took that glitter off yesterday. Really love it, and SO did not want to remove it. It was so gorgeous, chunkily sitting partway on the red polish, flashing its gleam and iridescence. But it had been on almost four days and the desire for a new mani finally overcame All! A terrific glitter!


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