Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Lynnderella Evermore

This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is a black and white mani. I am on a major white polish kick lately since I wore Rainbow Honey Spirit of Wonder, so I was dying to find the perfect polish to layer over white. Thankfully I had an awesome black glitter to use for this theme: Lynnderella Evermore! Evermore has just about every shape of black glitter imaginable in it, plus a sprinkling of teal and pink glitter to throw a little color into the mix. The overall effect of Evermore is very inkblot test. Hopefully the fact that it has a bit of color to it doesn't keep it from fitting the theme, because I think Evermore looks fab over white!

This is three coats of Evermore over Sally Hansen White On. Evermore has a good formula overall, but since it is so packed with different shapes, I did have to be careful not to overload the brush. I think I may have gotten a few too many shapes on my ring finger, but I digress.

I would love to wear Evermore over a neon--maybe yellow or green--next. It really is a kickass polish. I can't think of anything else out there like it!

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  1. Wow!! I've never seen this glitter. Very unique!

  2. So many awesome shapes in this!! I think it'd look pretty awesome with a lime green of aqua/teal as well (then again, I like everything with limes and aquas...I'm clearly biased ;p).

  3. I had never saw this Lynn before, it is really cool!

  4. Very very cool! I like this one a lot. Your idea of layering this over green sounds amazing!

  5. Very cool!!! I've never seen this polish before!

  6. Crazy polish! I have never seen this one before! Awesome mani, Chelsea!!!

  7. 1. I love anything that has a literally reference.
    2. Is it bad that the first thing this reminded me of was crushed oreos?

  8. How have I not seen this polish before? Very cool!

  9. Interesting polish! I've never seen it before. I like all of the shapes in it.

  10. Over a neon sounds cool! And I love Evermore, its so different!


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