Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hare Rad Cloud

Meet Hare Rad Cloud. We are in love. <3

Rad Cloud is a pink base with green and purple square glitter; orange, magenta and purple hex glitter; and small round pink glitter. But that description really doesn't do justice to how lovely this polish truly is. It's a very fresh and feminine-looking polish. The color scheme makes me think of spring flowers and candy--both good things! :)

I absolutely adore this polish! I wore it for three days and was actually sad to take it off, rather than itching to change things up like I usually am by that point. I took these pictures on day three and as you can see (unintentional rhyming aside), it held up really well. I didn't have a single chip and there was virtually no tipwear either. The formula is excellent and opaque in two coats. I was a bit afraid that since the base color is so light, I'd have to layer it, but you can definitely wear Rad Cloud alone with no VNL!

This is one of my favorite indies in recent memory! What are some of yours?


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