Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Butter London Jack The Lad

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means: another Twinsie Tuesday theme! I really like this week's: a manicure inspired by your birthstone. My birthday is June 5 (the same day as my lovely Twinsie Nory). June is an interesting month, because there are several official June birthstones: pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. Heck, there are probably more for all I know!

I decided to go with alexandrite for my mani's inspiration, because I think it's an absolutely gorgeous stone. A single gem can appear anywhere from a deep green to an iridescent red depending on what lighting you view it in.

Now you know I love me some deep green polish, so I was excited to try and recreate the deep green aspect of alexandrite's color shift. I went with one of Butter London's holiday polishes, Jack The Lad. Jack The Lad is a dark green shimmer with gold, turquoise and green microglitter. It's an appropriately multifaceted polish for a gem-inspired manicure!

I love how all the microglitter gives this polish an almost foil-like shine. The formula applies smoothly and covers in three coats. If not for China Glaze Winter Holly, Jack The Lad would be my favorite green from this year's holiday collections. I'm not sure it would up nailing the alexandrite green I was going for, but it's gorgeous just the same!

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  1. so prettyyy. you have beautiful nails!


  2. Super gorgeous!!! This reminds me of China Glaze Glittering Garland (one of my favourites!) :D

  3. This is perfection!!!! And yay for birthday Twinsies!!! Woot June 5th!!!!!! :)

  4. So many June babies in TT!! I love this so much Chelsea <3

  5. That green is so gorgeous! I love how it glows.


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