Friday, December 14, 2012

China Glaze Tranzitions Preview

China Glaze is releasing a new collection of color-changing polishes this January called Tranzitions. The collection features six shades, but since each shifts to a different color when you add topcoat, it's like you're getting 12 colors in all. Take a look!

Top row, L to R: Split Perso-NAIL-ity (dusty pink shifts to fuchsia), Duplicityy (mint green to teal), Modify Me (periwinkle to indigo)
Bottom row, L to R: Altered Reality (teal to turquoise), Metallic Metamorphisis (silvery grey to blue-based charcoal grey), Shape Shifter (smokey violet to dark purple)
I could see these being cool for nail art, but seeing as I'm terrible at nail art and generally don't like gimmick-y polish, they're just not for me personally. (I'm also not a fan of unnecessary Z's in attempts at "edgy" spelling, but that's another story.)
Will you be indulging at all? What are your thoughts on gimmicky polishes: fun novelty or tacky?


  1. I desperately need a top coat at all times, so I'll have to pass. Now, if they offered a special pen or something that would change the color... that, I would snap up.

  2. I also don't care for gimickie polish or any beauty/fashion item like that. I also cannot imagine not putting a matte or clear shinny topper on - my polish would not last half a day if I did not put a topper on - esp in the winter now. Even my toes are hard to keep the polish on because I am rubbing 'em in the shoes vs. never rub in spring/summer/fall where I live cause they are always in sandals then. I just don't get thi at all. I have other colors I could come up with that look just like every one of these with or without a top coat.

  3. Haha, I saw looks cool but a little too nail art-y for me. Could potentially not turn out as well as their tutorials, lol! I do like the look of the one that shifts from mint green to teal ;)


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