Sunday, December 30, 2012

OPI Casino Royale

OPI Casino Royale is a red-based berry creme. I am generally not all that into berry polishes, but I decided to try something different, plus Casino Royale is possibly my all-time favorite Bond movie, so I had to have this. :) There's something very winter-y and cozy about berry shades during the wintertime to me. Now that we've finally gotten our first snowfall of the year where I live, the time seemed right to bust this baby out.

Casino Royale has a great formula that delivers opacity in two coats. I can see this color being very popular even after the Skyfall Collection has come and gone from shelves. This and Skyfall are the two colors from the collection that scream "classic OPI" to me. Beautifully deep berry polishes like this one always seem to be in demand as the weather gets colder.

What are your favorite polish colors to wear in wintertime? I like jewel tones and anything sparkly! I'll slip in a pastel here and there though when I'm longing for spring.


  1. I love the movie, too. I didn't want this polish but I'm not sure now...

  2. Berry colours are so nice this time of year, and this one is gorgeous! I watched Casino Royale for the first time a few days ago and really liked it :)

  3. I got the skyfall collection for xmas, Im not big on OPI colours butthis is my fav! such a cute polish, berry colours all the way this time of year!


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