Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Darling Diva Space Beetle

It's no secret that I love indie polish, so of course I was thrilled when I saw this week's Twinsie Tuesday theme was going to be indie polish! I wanted to choose something very special to showcase today and I hope you'll agree that Darling Diva Space Beetle is a drop-dead gorgeous indie. Imagine a linear holo version of Orly Space Cadet or Hard Candy Beetle. Sounds amazing, right? Well that's exactly what Space Beetle is and yes, it's absolutely incredible! Check this out and get ready to drool...
Indirect sunlight:

In shade:

With flash:

Ahhhh I love it! This really could not be any prettier. I wish every one of you could see it in person, because it's even more stunning in real life! The linear holo is strong but doesn't overwhelm the gorgeous duochrome. But elements shine through beautifully. I tried to take pictures in different lighting environments to show off all the different sides this polish has to it.

The formula is perfectly smooth and flawless. This is not one of those linear holos you have to wear a special basecoat with, like the Nfu Oh holos. Space Beetle worked fabulously with my Seche basecoat and topcoat did not seem to dull the holo at all. Dry time is very quick and this polish is opaque in three coats.

At $12, Space Beetle costs a bit more than Darling Diva's usual polishes, but you're getting a full-size bottle so I think the price is ultimately very reasonable. Besides, just look at this and tell me it isn't worth the extra dollars! You can buy Darling Diva at Carrie's Etsy shop.

We have some real indie maniacs in our little group and these girls are always introducing me to awesome new brands. I'm looking forward to finding some new lemmings on their blogs today!

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  1. OMG That is absolutely gorgeous! It really is like the holo version of Space Cadet! How cool!

  2. Wow, I love this! That holo is gorgeous, I bet it's a stunner in real life!

  3. Love this! I might have to add this to my lemming list ;)

  4. *Nods head! Uh huh! I LOVE me some DDP's!

  5. gorgeous!! you got some amazing pictures of it!

  6. Ok there is so much amazing going on in this polish! Fabulous color and that rainbow is awesome!!

  7. Love this! I agree with Anne, it's a lot all at once and it's all fabulous!

  8. This is such a pretty polish! Love this on you!


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