Sunday, October 7, 2012

Two Birds, One Store Crossroads

I've known Sarah of See Sarah Swatch for quite a while now. But I only recently discovered that Sarah and I are both huge mythology nerds! Sarah just released an awesome new collection on her brand Two Birds, One Store's Etsy shop inspired by various goddesses and when I saw one of her newest creations, Crossroads, it was love at first sight! Crossroads is inspired by Hecate, a patron goddess of witches. Hecate herself is commonly depicted as having three faces (the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone), like so:

Anyways, this is a nail polish blog, not a mythology lesson, right? Back to the polish! :) Crossroads is a very sheer light orange base with small orange and black glitter, small white square glitter and medium-sized orange and purple hex glitter. I absolutely love the colors in this polish. The purple really pops against all the orange!

This is two coats of Crossroads over my favorite white, Lime Crime Milky Ways. Since Milky Ways is more of an off-white than a true white, I think it compliments the orange tint of Crossroads' base. The glitter in this polish is mixed perfectly, so there's no fishing around for certain shapes or colors.

Spun Sugar is still my very favorite Two Birds, One Store polish but Crossroads is a close second! I totally love purple and orange together and the combo really stands out on the nail. It gives you the illusion of instant nail art. Love it!


  1. The purple and the orange look fab together, and I love the little tiny bits of white--they really add a lot of depth! Awesome job, Sarah!

    And ooh, I just peeked at the sidebar--congratulations on reaching 400 followers, Chelsea!! ^_^

  2. This is very nice indeed. I love orange in combination with other colors, purple is a top fave!

    I also enjoy the inspiration behind this glitter : ) Very interesting!

    I love this post!

    Keep 'em coming!

    Four Hundred exactly right now, fantastic! : )

    1. Thank you so much!! I know, orange and purple is one of my favs too. :)


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