Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nicole by OPI Modern Family Preview

Coming this January, NOPI will unleash a collection of 14 new polishes inspired by ABC's hit comedy Modern Family. I've never really watched Modern Family but based on the popularity of the show, I'm guessing this collection will get a lot of buzz for NOPI. Check it out!

Am I Making Myself Claire?
I Do De-Claire
She's Lily Something
My Jay Or The Highway
A Like-Haley Story
Stand By Your Manny
Alex by the Books
Haley Good Lookin'
Basking In Gloria
Luke of the Draw
A Phil's Paradise
Candid Cameron
Back In My Gloria Days
What's The Mitch-uation
She's Lily Something and Haley Good Lookin' are standouts for me! What do you think, Modern Family fans? Do the names and colors do justice to the characters? Will you be picking any of these up come January?


  1. These look promising! Although the names...ugh. But I'll forgive if the colors live up and because I LOVE Modern Family.

  2. My husband makes me watch it so I guess I could be called a fan:) I think the names are pretty catchy and the colors look really pretty. I can't wait to see swatches!

  3. I need She's Lily Something! So pretty. I adore stars. :) I can't wait for this collection, even if I don't watch the show.

  4. Oh my - another film/TV tie in? Is OPI running out of ideas for collection names? You know they have to buy the rights to use a franchise name like Modern Family is. But then it's a pay off for MF too in getting more product marketing out there. This just has so many shades - it' a huge collection. I am thinking I saw a pink star polish from OPI other than this NOPI that was coming out this Jan - maybe one from the Mariah Carey collection I am thinking??? I have to go back and see if I can find it - but know there is another - but then we have seen OPI do this - the same or really close like shades cross over the collection.

  5. I will definitely be looking for these! I see so many I like!


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