Wednesday, October 31, 2012

China Glaze Glitter Goblin

Happy Halloween! I know, I'm a little late. But did you do anything fun tonight? I spent all night working, so no fun for me. I hope everyone on the east coast is staying safe and warm!

For my Halloween mani today, I went with China Glaze Glitter Goblin, a glitterbomb with orange and holographic silver glitter pieces. I almost layered this over black but decided to go with OPI Take The Stage, a metallic orange foil, at the last minute. I think that may have been a bit of a mistake since Take The Stage is so close in color to Glitter Goblin's orange glitter that only the silver glitter really pops. Oh well. At least the end result is still super sparkly!

 With flash:

Glitter Goblin isn't as opaque as I expected it to be. What you see here is three coats and while it may not be super noticeable in pictures given how similar my base is to the glitter, I still had pretty visable gaps in coverage, which was disappointing. As you can see in these pics, I also had some chipping and tipwear within 24 hours. Ugh!

I will probably try Glitter Goblin over a dark base at some point to see if I like this combo better when the orange can have a chance to really pop. I love how shiny and crazy sparkly the silver holo is, but overall I was a bit let down by this polish, at least in this combo. Any thoughts on some good underwear for it? I'm thinking maybe a deep navy might be fun!


  1. This looks so autumnal on you! You're the first person I actually liked this glitter on so far!

  2. loving this, so gorgeous!

  3. I am still on the fence a little about this one..I wore it over black and loved it, and I love how you have done it over the orange!


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