Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Triple Layering Experiment

This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme comes courtesy of our very own Cordia! Cordia came up with the idea of a "triple layering experiment." Essentially what you do is you layer three random polishes together any way you like, so long as it's not a jelly sandwich. The idea is to let your imagination run wild and see what you come up with--for better or for worse!

For this theme, I pretty much just went with whatever popped into my head. I have the windmill display for the OPI Holland Collection sitting atop my stash drawers and OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh? caught my eye. So I decided to use it as my base, since it seemed like starting with a nice neutral would be a good idea in preparation for whatever craziness was going to wind up on top.

I knew I wanted to add some sparkle to this mani and the idea of a metallic glitter jumped out at me. I was rummaging through my stash and came across China Glaze Blonde Bombshell, a gold glitterbomb. So on it went!

I really loved this combo so far and I was kind of afraid to mess it up with another layer. But I've always liked gold and purple together (very regal, I suppose) so I thought I'd add some purple to this mani. The first purple glitter I saw in my stash was a polish from the very same collection as Blonde Bombshell: China Glaze Marry A Millionaire! I wasn't sure if Marry A Millionaire would make my mani super fug or weirdly cohesive, but in the spirit of this challenge, I slapped it on top as my third layer.

Y'know, I actually think it kinda works. It's very glitzy and the neutral base lets the colors really pop. I certainly could have come up with worse combinations! I've never really experimented with layerings before (I generally like to have a set combo in mind if I'm doing a layered mani) but this was really fun and I'm surprised I came up with something that looks pretty cool!

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  1. Nicely done! I like the nude base!

  2. i like the end result, but i LOVE that middle step!

  3. I love this! The two glitters work really well together.

  4. This is nice!! Love the combo!

  5. :O!!! So lovely!! I really want that gold polish!

  6. This reminds me a lot of one of those Sally Hansen blingy polishes, but with a bit more purple. LOVE it

  7. This is such a fabulous combo, Chelsea! Van Gogh really suits the gold, and the purple looks *great* with them too! Very Mardi Gras. ^_^

  8. Very nice! Step two is my favorite too. :)


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