Thursday, November 1, 2012

OPI Skyfall

I'd been thinking lately that I needed to find the perfect oxblood nail polish to hop on one of the trends for fall. Well as it turns out, I already had it: OPI Skyfall! Skyfall is a rich brown-based dark red. It really is a smashing color--eternally classic and endlessly sexy.

Skyfall's formula is divine and covers in two coats. I wouldn't describe myself as someone who is huge into vampy shades, but it's easy to forget just how sexy a great vampy red is. I wasn't 100% sure I'd like this color but I wound up really falling in love with it and got quite a few compliments on it too--rare for red polish!

I can see Skyfall becoming a very popular color, especially with oxblood shaping up to be one of the big shades for fall. The brown lean makes Skyfall just different enough to set it apart from all the other dark reds out there but it's still got that effortless, classic vibe to it that makes vampy red polish such an enduring staple.


  1. I have a lot of oxblood reds already so I did not pick up this one in the Skyfall collection. I have collected reds for eons and when I purge my stash it's the reds that always survive the purge because they never go out of style. This one is nice but not my fav oxblood red - but I think it was an OK choice for the collection esp when you think OPI is not putting out these end of yr collections with any hint of holiday/Christmas in them. I soooo miss the old classic OPI holiday collections - I want them to come back even if they only do a 4 bottle small release. Some of my fav shades of all time have come from those collections.

    1. It is a bit odd they've ditched the usual Holiday themes for movie collabs the last several years. In some ways I like that that makes their collections stand out from the normal Holiday-themed fare, but I definitely understand why so many people love the classic OPI holiday collections. They had a lot of amazing shades in them!

  2. Interesting color, and it looks great on you!

  3. This confirms I NEED this polish. Thanks for sharing!


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