Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zoya Hot Lips Lip Gloss in Marachino: Swatches & Review

Did you know Zoya makes lip products? I didn't--at least, not until I received this Zoya Hot Lips balm as part of a birthday present from Jenna of I'm Still Thinking... (Thanks Jenna!!) Since many of us already know and love Zoya's nail polish, I thought I'd share my experiences with Hot Lips.

The shade I got is called Marachino, so as you might guess, it's a cherry red gloss with a light cherry scent. The scent dissapates pretty quickly, so if you don't like scented lip products, I don't think this one would bother you. The product itself comes in a travel-sized squeeze tube with a rounded applicator. It's the perfect size to pop into your pocket or bag when you're on the go.

This gloss starts off as a red shade, as you can see in the swatch, but within a few minutes of applying it to my lips, it morphed into a pinker shade, almost like those pH-reactive lip products we've been hearing so much about lately. Zoya doesn't seem to market these as pH glosses so I'm not sure if it's a feature of the gloss or just something that happened to me personally. Either way, I thought it was pretty cool and I liked both colors Marachino showed on me. Pigmentation is on the more sheer side of spectrum, but there's a nice shine in addition to the tint.

The gloss itself has a satisfying thickness to it, but it's not too sticky. The texture feels silky and rich, so it only takes a little squeeze of gloss to coat your entire lips. On my lips, it felt moisturizing and smooth. Zoya claims this is a lip gloss with the therapeutic properties of a lip balm and in my experience, that description was dead-on. I wore this for about three hours until I took it off to eat dinner and it still looked pretty much the same as when I'd first applied it.

I was really impressed by this gloss! For $6, you get an extremely generous 0.42 oz. of product. (For comparison, MAC lipglasses are 0.17 oz and a standard-sized Burt's Bees lip balm is 0.15 oz.) I like that these have a rich feel to them but with minimal stickiness. Why doesn't Zoya market these more?! They're fabulous!


  1. This is awesome!! Great review! :D

  2. Very cool! I just noticed they sold gloss the other night. I've never seen another review on them before. Great review!

  3. I've been wondering about these, and I'm glad you posted this because I always thought they must be huge because of the extreme shape of the bottle. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to snag these, and I too wonder why they don't speak up on these, I'm sure they're fabulous=]

    1. The bottle is still small enough to pop in your pocket but it holds a shockingly large amount of product! I think Zoya could do really well with these if they put them out there more--imagine if they did something like the MAC Fashion Sets Collection and made glosses to match their polishes!


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