Monday, June 11, 2012

Orly Naughty Or Nice Holiday 2012 Preview

Continuing the Nailed tradition of showing you polishes months before you can actually buy them, let's take a look at Orly's holiday offerings for this year, shall we? (Hey, it's almost "Christmas In July," right?) It looks like Orly will be rolling out six new shades this holiday season. Click to enlarge the picture below and get a better look!

We've got a loonngg way to go until these babies hit stores in November and we all get to see what the real deal looks like! But this set seems to cover your typical holiday polish bases: lots of red, some metallics, some sparkly polishes. Devil May Care and Angel Eyes look the most promising to me. I don't see anything right away that screams "YOU MUST OWN ME," although these preview pics are always notoriously tough to judge. I'll be curious to see how Orly's holiday set stacks up against the other brands' once we start seeing some more holiday previews in the coming months.

See anything you like? Which upcoming collections are you most looking forward to for the rest of 2012?


  1. "Torrid" looks good but I wait for the OPI Germany collection because I'm a german. The names are stupid but some polishes are must haves for me.

  2. Halo and Devil May Care look really promising to me, but this collection seems pretty bland otherwise. I guess we'll all have to see.

  3. I think a few of them may be interesting, but we won't know for sure until swatches start flying around, lol.

  4. The glitters look cool, but even those I'm not dying to have. That's just based on the pictures though. Swatches could change my mind! I'll have to wait until then to decide.

  5. Hmm. I'm pretty underwhelmed. :-/

    But you know what I'm NOT underwhelmed about? What I received in the mail yesterday thank yooooooooou <3

  6. Need to see swatches but I've loved the Orly collections recently. Can't wait to check these out!


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