Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Marching Orders - Take...4, Maybe?

We've done the Marching Orders challenge a number of times for Twinsie Tuesday. I can't remember how many exactly, as you might have noticed by this post's title. But with this challenge, we are all randomly paired off with a Twinsie who we get to assign a manicure to. We can choose a particular technique we want them to use, certain colors, whatever!

The fabulous Amanda got to give me my orders this time around and she meant business! Her marching orders had multiple requirements. I'll list them below, followed by how I chose to incorporate each step into my finished mani. Per Amanda's instructions, my mani had to include...

The color periwinkle: I chose a base of Essie Boxer Shorts to start things off.

A heart: I layered Glimmer by Erica I Heart You, which contains pearly pink heart glitters, over Boxer Shorts.

A touch of matte somewhere in the mani: I Heart You also has matte pink squares. Score!

Non-ring finger accent nail: Thumbs, this is your time to shine! I used Studio M Jingle Jangle for my accent nail, because it went well with I Heart You and, most important, also contained the final element I needed to complete Amanda's challenge, which was...

Purple glitter: Amanda is the purple queen, so I knew her instructions would include purple somehow! :) Jingle Jangle's mix of blue and purple glitter worked perfectly here.

So here is how all of those things came together for the final mani!

Aaaaannnnddd now that I post the photos I notice that I didn't do any clean-up on my pinky. Go me. But anyways, I am thrilled that I was able to get through this challenge without resorting to nail art. Yay! It did take some thinking and shifting through my stash to get all the right "ingredients" but that's half the fun!

I got to assign a mani to Anne, so be sure to sure to swing by her blog and see whether or not I chose to be mean and terrible with my marching orders for her. (I don't think I was, but Anne might see it differently, I dunno hahaha.) I can't wait to see what everyone else assigned each other too!

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  1. Hahaha! I love how you rose to the challenge without resorting to nail art! This is a total score in my book!

  2. LOL! I love Amanda's "demands" ;-) This turned out great!

  3. Now those are some Marching Orders! Holy Cow, you lived up to the challenge though :)

  4. In love with the base colour. It#s so gorgeous! I can't believe I've never heard of it before now

  5. Lucky you for escaping any nail art! I like the glitter on your thumb.

  6. You did a great job with all those instructions! Turned out super cute!

  7. The glitter topper you used is really pretty!

  8. You were wise in your choices Chelsea ;0). Such a pretty mani!

  9. Wow what a challenge! You did awesome with this! It looks beautiful! :D

  10. Purple is my favorite color, so I love this mani! All of the colors are great together.


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