Monday, November 4, 2013

Revlon By Marchesa Silk Rosette Nail Wraps: Review & Swatches

You might remember that I had a pretty disappointing experience with the Revlon by Marchesa Brocade Wraps. They were absolutely gorgeous but the wear time left a lot to be desired. Unlike the Brocade wraps, which are more like thick stickers, the Silk Rosette wraps are a clear-based decal meant to be worn over a polish base. So I was curious to see if these would wear any better than the Brocade wraps did. I really wanted to love these wraps, because I think they are some of the prettiest designs on the market! But unfortunately, this set of wraps had a lot of the same problems as the last set...

I have zero complaints about the design itself. It looks very sophisticated and ornate. The decals have a clear base, with delicate blue rosebuds and leaves. It reminds me of something you'd see on an antique rug or tapestry. Here are the wraps over Essie No Place Like Chrome.

While they look luxurious, the application was not as impressive. Like the Brocade wraps, these began to pucker and peel around the edges almost immediately after I applied them--and all I was doing was sitting at home, nothing that would have put any stress or strain on my hands and nails. (You can already see some of the decals creasing on my nails in these pictures and this was only a very short while after I had first applied them!) These didn't tear like the Brocade wraps did and overall these are a bit sturdier wraps, but they still got the same crinkly, creased look to them after only a day of wear. It was annoying to feel all the dents and puckered edges on my nails. The wraps apply reasonably well, but the adhesive is simply not strong enough to keep them lying flat and smooth against the nail.

So while these were an improvement over the Brocade wraps, I still cannot recommend these. Given the price (about $9-$10, depending on where you buy), it's extremely disappointing that these can't even make it through a day of wear intact. If you need a special manicure for a big event and only need it to last a few short hours (even then you might be pushing it with these staying 100% pristine), then yes, these are very pretty wraps. But if you need these to last you any longer than that, you're better off putting your money toward some Sally Hansen or Incoco wraps. They're about the same price and much better quality.


  1. Aw that's too bad...the design is really nice!

    1. Yeah, it was a bummer. I really, really wanted to love these!


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