Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: 3D Manicure

Sorry for the late Twinsie Tuesday post this week, everyone. I've been battling the virus from hell the past several days so I'm behind on everything in my schedule that isn't sleeping and popping meds.

But I've risen from the (near) grave to give this week's theme a go: 3D mani! I went with a simple idea but I think it turned out really cute. I started with this chameleon pencil topper, like the kind you get in the cheapo candy machines at the grocery store:

I love how the wonky painting on his one eye makes it look like he's totally judging you.
Next I went with a color I thought would be fairly close to the chameleon: OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where? Then I just plopped the little guy on top of the wet polish on my thumb, almost like he was trying to use it as camouflage!

Please pardon the lack of clean-up. It's not exactly the most practical mani, so I only wore it for a few minutes. The chameleon isn't an exact match for the polish, but I think the idea still comes across.
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  1. Aww love that little chameleon! So funny about his eye =P

  2. AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this is so freaking cute!!!!! XD

    I hope you get well soon!!

    1. And it really does look like he is judging me! XD

    2. So cute!! I love the concept behind this!

  3. BAHAHAHAH I love the judgmental chameleon! That sounds like it could be the name of a bar in Mexico or something: "The Judgmental Chameleon." Lovessss

  4. He is such a cute little guy, and I love how judgmental he is :)

  5. So cute! He looks like he's trying to hide, but he knows he's been spotted.

  6. Aah! Judgmental Chameleon knows mah sekrits!!

    This is such a totally cute idea, Chelsea! I seriously love it and hope you're feeling so much better soon! ^_^

  7. Judgy Chamelon is awesome! You are awesome!

  8. I just loooove this cute dinosaurs! I hope he won't judge me wrong!


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