Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Essie Repstyle Preview

New Essie collections kind of come out of nowhere sometimes, as is the case with their newest collection: Repstyle. The Repstyle Collection features six polishes with snakeskin pattern magnets. They retail for $11.25 each and they've already been spotted on store shelves. Take a look!

 Lil Boa Peep
 Snake It Up


Looks like a cute bunch of polishes and I like the concept, but I think $11.25 is a bit steep for me. Plus I've got a couple magnetic polishes sitting around in my untrieds so I'm not hurting for more. Still, it's always good to see Essie branching out!

Will you be picking anything up from this collection? Are you over magnetic polish?


  1. I do own a couple of magnetic polishes, but I only use them as stamping colors, they're usually highly pigmented.

  2. I agree that the price is too high, but I am a sucker for snakeskin! I may have to try them!!

  3. holy cow! i'll hold off on 11.25 and stick to snakeskin stamping ;) but the colors are pretty!

  4. I'm not sold on the price tag yet, but they have the potential to be very cool. I especially want to see the green & gold!

  5. I may buy one for the magnet. If I get a significant discount price. A bit steep I think really.

  6. Too expensive, and the pattern is a reeeeeeeally bad idea for my older skin! LOL

  7. This is an interesting idea...I'm definitely going to wait for swatches to pop up, especially with that price tag! I'm intrigued by the green and blue ones!


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