Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wet N Wild Born Into Privilege

Good ol' Wet N Wild is once again providing some dupes on the cheap for those of us who are young, broke and perpetually polished. Their latest collection, Bejeweled, features several dupes for China Glaze's prismatic glitters. (Just a note though that the Wet N Wild bottles are 0.3 oz, whereas the China Glaze ones are a standard-sized 0.5 oz.) Born Into Privilege appears to be along the same lines as China Glaze Ray-diant. There's a lot going on with Born Into Privilege. It's got a duochrome glitter base that alternately flashes green, gold and silver, as well as rainbow glitter sprinkles on top to really kick things into high gear. Think OPI Excuse Moi! meets Model's Own Gold Green. That's about the closest comparison I could come up with.

This is a very tough polish to photograph because there are so many different elements at play here. I couldn't really capture the duochrome on camera but it is there. It's not an in-your-face color shift but the base color's dominant shade does visibly change with the light.

Despite the ass-ton (that's a technical term, by the way) of glitter in this shade, I had a surprisingly tough time building this polish to opacity. The polish just didn't seem to want to come off the brush. In the end, it took four coats to cover. It's not a deal breaker for me by any means but it was annoying enough that I wanted to mention it.

That being said though, there's honestly no way I'm not going to love a duochrome glitter base with rainbow glitter. How has it taken the polish industry this long to come out with duochrome glitters?! They're amazing! Born Into Privilege is ridiculously cool and at just $2.99, you can't beat the price either. I snagged this and Speak When Spoken To from the collection. These Wet N Wild limited edition collections can be obscenely hard to find (I spotted these at Meijer), but if you come across the Bejeweled polishes, I think you'd be more than happy with picking up a bottle or two as well. They're quite unique and all kinds of gorgeous!


  1. Very pretty! I love a good glitter nail polish, just hate the process of removing it! :P

  2. Im so sad. I wish I can find these somewhere near me soon. )=

  3. These haven't shown up near me yet, but I keep looking! Although I already have 3 of the ChG.

  4. I might have to go out and look for this!

  5. So much glitter!! Too bad about it taking four coats though!

  6. It's very pretty but all I can think about is how long it will take to get all the glitter off!

    1. Hey now-who doesn't love a glitter polish "bargain"? : )

  7. love it!! i have ray-diant and looove it:]


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