Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Orly Feel The Vibe Collection Preview

In addition to their upcoming Dark Shadows Collection, which I'm warming up to despite my initial ho-hum impression, Orly will be releasing the neon-themed Feel The Vibe Collection this summer. This set will consist of four neon polishes, a deep blue and a white polish, presumably to use as a base. Let's take a look, girlies!

Beach Cruiser

Skinny Dip

After Party

Melt Your Popsicle


With virtually every major polish company releasing a neon collection this summer, it seems like neons are going to be a big trend once the warmer weather hits! Personally, I dig it. I love bright colors and think they go hand in hand with beach weather. Skinny Dip in particular is calling out to me from this collection. I hope I don't already have a dupe!

What do you think of the summer neons trend? Do any of the polishes here catch your eye?


  1. Beach Cruiser looks cool, I don't think I have any pinks like that. I like Skinny Dip too! WOW, Glowstick is bright. Even on the computer screen! I like the neon trend, though it may be better for toes in the summer in terms of being at the office. Granted I'd wear all of those colors to work accept for Glowstick, haha.

  2. Wow, I want all of them. LOL. Beach Cruiser is definitely a must have though. :o)

  3. These are so fun!! That orange would be so brilliant for fall!!

  4. Wow, they look so bright! I only have a few orly polish but I think this collection could possibly convert me!

  5. wow glowstick is really glowing :-P i want it

  6. i do like the summer neons trend, but to be honest i much prefer pastels! dayglow might look good, it depends if it's just a plain white or not. will have to see swatches!
    i recently started a blog, my first post was a geometrical NOTD, check it out if youre interested -

    <3 xx


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