Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Get a FREE bottle of Deborah Lippmann Yellow Brick Road!

Want a FREE bottle of Deborah Lippmann's Yellow Brick Road?! This yellow jelly was first revealed to the world last year on the digits of none other than Lady Gaga.

Well, with any order placed on Deborah Lippmann's official site before 11:59 EST today will get a free bottle of Yellow Brick Road included in their order! You do not need to add Yellow Brick Road to your online cart or use any special coupon code. Per Deborah Lippmann's official Facebook page, any orders placed today will automatically have Yellow Brick Road added to them after the fact. How cool is that?!

You know I jumped on this deal in a hot second. It was the perfect excuse for me to finally pick up Mermaid's Dream, which I've been lusting after from the moment I first saw it. Plus I've kinda been eyeing YBR but was unsure if I could really pull it off. I guess now is my opportunity to find out! Also I'm currently slaving away on a take-home multi-essay final exam due tomorrow afternoon. Sounds like an "I deserve a treat" scenario to me hahaha.

Will you be hitting up this deal?


  1. Oh if only...thanks for letting us know! :D

  2. If only I had run across this earlier! DOh! I would have jumped right on it.

  3. What an awesome promotion. :)

    You're going to LOVE Mermaid's Dream, honestly, it's in my top 10 all time list and it's almost brand new.

    Unfortunately I don't feel the same way about Yellow Brick Road. I LOVE yellow polish and I thought it was going to blow my socks off, but honestly it's SO sheer. Too, too sheer. Not as bad as that new Revlon Sheer Seafoam, but like 5 coats sheer. I was really disappointed. I'm having the same issue now with the NFU OH jelly series. I want to order a few of them because someone (I forget who) swatched a few of them and they look stunning. But the review says they're super sheer and she used 4-5 coats for each polish to make them look that good. I don't think I have the time or patience for that. It would just take way too long to dry.


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