Sunday, April 22, 2012

Butter London Henley Regatta

I was in the mood for some sparkle today so I decided to bust out a glitter polish from my bevvy of untrieds: Butter London Henley Regatta. I had no idea what the name meant when I picked this beauty up, but through the magic of Google, I learned that Henley Regatta is apparently an annual rowing avent on the Thames River.

But enough learning--on to the polish! Henley Regatta is a positively gorgeous blue and teal glitterbomb. The glitter looks so lively and eye-catching on the nail. I love it!

The polish is gorgeous and I got many compliments on it at work. It looks like mermaid nails! However, there were some formula issues here. This was surprisingly sheer and took four coats to reach opacity. The glitter just didn't seem to want to come off the brush and spread evenly onto my nails. You could easily solve this by layering it over something else though. I think next time I may use OPI Fly as a base.

But what really disappointed me the most about this polish is the wear. Less than 24 hours into this manicure, I already had visable tipwear, a few small chips and one huge chip on my right ring finger where about half of the polish came off. Granted, I had a really busy day at work and my hands were getting more banged up than usual but given that Butter is a high-end (and pricey) brand, I expected better wear from this polish. Butter normally wears like iron on me so I'm not sure what happened here... I'll have to wear it more to figure out if this was just a fluke or if Henley Regatta is prone to chipping. I'm hoping that layering will be the solution to both the opacity and weartime issues, because it really is a stunning color.

Do you own Henley Regatta? How does it wear on you?


  1. Sorry about the wear time on this... it really is so stunning!!! It reminds me of a metallic Floam. :D

  2. seriously stunning.. i think the wear time is probably because it's a pure glitter polish. those always chip on me

  3. love this! I need to own a butter london of my own!

  4. Lovely! Too bad about the formula :(

  5. Haha. Come down to Virginia. Apparently people near the coast have actual Regattas.

    Also ... if you watched "The Social Network," I think there was a character who participated in one? Apparently it's such an Ivy thing to do here in the U.S.

  6. I really need to add this to my collection! :)

  7. According to the Butter London dictionary (which you can find on

    Henley Regatta | ˈhenlē riˈgatə |
    A rowing race held every year on the river Thames, used primarily as an excuse for very rich Brits to get smashed on the riverbanks.

    hahaha. All the definitions are super cute:

    I have Henley Regatta and I like to layer it over Bluey and HRH. It's a really gorgeous glitter. :)


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