Thursday, February 25, 2016

OPI Show Us Your Tips!

For my money, this is the best polish from the New Orleans Collection. I had to have it for the name alone, but the color itself is pretty fan-freaking-tastic. Take a look at this beautiful periwinkle shimmer!


Please ignore my dry-ass cuticles. Anywho, the formula on this was disappointly streaky. The consistency itself is really easy to work with, so it's got that going for it, but it took three-and on a couple nails, four--coats to build up opacity and cover some bald patches. It wasn't a bad formula overall, just finicky.

I picked up two polishes from the OPI New Orleans Collection (this and Humidi-tea), but my wallet was greatful for the reduced haulage after snagging all of the Hello Kitty Collection. What's on your list from this set?


  1. I only got this one, I too noticed three coats on the nail wheel left me wondering if four would be better. It's not necessarily thin, just has to build up I guess. It seemed to stay in place well, but I haven't worn it yet, I wanted a nice warm spring day. Sooooonnnnn.... :D

    1. Very true about the opacity. Like you said, it's not a thin or runny polish, just kinda sheer. We had a short burst of warm weather last week, so I was itching to bust out some spring shades! Now we got dumped on again with a whole mess of snow, so as much as I want to rock all pastels, they seem a little out of place. I can't wait for spring!!


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