Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Formula X Nude For You

Let's take a break from all the OPI Hello Kitty swatches to try something new, shall we? Today I thought I'd share my very first time trying a Formula X polish! This one is from their new collab with Aimee Song. I'll be real with y'all: I have zero idea who Aimee Song is. A fashion blogger, I think? That's the impression I got from the in-store display for this collection. But whoever she is, I am indebted to her for creating what is possibly my most perfect nude polish...ever!

Nude For You is a gorgeous, almond-y nude creme with the most amazing formula. All my fellow pale princesses out there, this one is going to look bangin' on you!

  Sorry for the green in the background; that's my coat!
And then a shot in the direct sunlight. You can really see how almond-toned this polish is here.

As I mentioned above, the formula on this is to die for. All it needs is one coat! I'm super impressed with how buttery and opaque it is. Expect to see some more Formula X on here Going forward because I was seriously feeling this polish!


  1. DUDE. Formula X RULES SO HARD (the price, maybe not so much -- I'd def. get more if they ever had sales!). I saw these at Sephora right before NYE and was seriously tempted, but I'll wait & hope they'll show up at TJ Maxx/Marshalls. :)

    1. Yeah, I think the price has put me off trying the brand before (plus I'd always get distracted by Lippmann, Illamasqua, etc. when I'd go into Sephora's nail section), but I'm hooked now! Glad to hear the rest of the line is awesome! I picked up this amazing-looking foil called Alchemy II last week and I am dying to try it.

  2. Great to hear you liked this color a lot. Its always great when a polish is a one coater too.


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