Friday, February 26, 2016

Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise

I'm dying for spring to get here, but we keep getting snow! So I decided to channel some spring vibes with Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise, the cutest pistachio creme. This came out as part of Deborah Lippmann's Footloose-inspired collection to celebrate the 2011 remake of the film, but I believe I picked it up a few years after that through Ebay. I was in the pit orchestra for my high school's production of Footloose (NERD, I know) so this polish brings back a lot of fun memories from that time.

If you're a fan of either the original or the remake, then you may notice this shade was inspired by the VW Beetle in both films. The formula is pretty much your standard pastel: a little streaky, but opaque in three coats. Sorry again for the jank cuticles. I dunno what is going on with them lately, you guys! I think it's this cold and windy weather.

I love this color. It brings me to a happy place of lying out in the grass with a good book and the sun shining down. If you can still track it down on Ebay or through a blog sale, I recommend it! Alternatively, DL did another shade for her spring 2014 collection called Spring Buds that is quite similar.

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