Friday, September 11, 2015

Sally Hansen Gemincello

As a Gemini with a fondness for pastel yellow, Sally Hansen Gemincello was a must-have for me. Gemincello is a buttery yellow creme that came out in the Beachside Astrologer Collection earlier this year. I wore it with a dash of Urban Decay Goldmine as an accent nail, because I was craving some sparkle with this mani.

The formula is surprisingly non-streaky for a pastel, but it still needs three coats for complete opacity. There were some visible bubbles in the bottle and the consistency is on the thinner side, so make sure you give this one a good shake or roll before applying so those issues don't transfer over to the nail.

I will add that I was impressed with how nicely Goldmine applied, especially for a mini bottle. It's only the second UD polish I've tried, but I really like what I've seen from their polishes!


  1. I love yellow nail polish! The color of the SH is the shade I like best - great mani!


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