Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Butter London Invite Only (Holiday 2015) Preview

Seems a little early for holiday sets, doesn't it? But Butter London has already got their holiday sets for sale on their site and I imagine it won't be too terribly long 'til we see them in stores too. Get those wishlists ready and take a look!

Password Please Nail Art Collection, featuring...
Top row, L to R: Spotlight, Doily (re-promote), Bubbly, ombre brush
Bottom row, L to R: Hush-Hush, Password Please, Looker

Invite Only Set
L to R: Pash, Vapour, Lock I, Peep Hole, Glad Rags, O.T.T.

Twelve Months of Manis Collection, featuring...
Top row, L to R: High Tea (repromote), Luv, Fiver (repromote), Molly-Coddled (repromote), Petal, Petticoat (repromote)
Bottom row, L to R: Summer Hols, Tiddly (repromote), Clever Clogs, Swish, Scrummy, Bubbly

There are quite a few other sets, all of which either feature make-up or all repromoted polishes, so I didn't post them here. But you can see the whole collection on BL's site

I think they did a really great job with these sets, but I gotta say, Butter seems to be doing more and more sets lately and I miss when you could buy their new colors individually instead of only in mini sets. It'd be nice to have the option of getting some of the new colors as stand-alones rather than having to get a whole set. 

Do you prefer when brands do big blockbuster holiday sets like these or do you want individual products? I love buying cosmetic sets like this, but for polish, I'd rather just pick up one or two ful size shades I really like.

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