Sunday, September 6, 2015

Essie Chillato

Hey all! Hope you had a good weekend and that you are keeping cool. Our air conditioner decided to break a couple days ago and we are still waiting for it go get fixed, so we are really sweating it here! :-/ Earlier today, we decided to go grab some fresh lemonade to cool off and my polish was almost the exact same color as the lemonade! I'm a dork, so I get excited over stuff like that.

Then here it is, sans lemonade:

Chillato is a really interesting color. I guess I'd described it as a yellow-based pastel green creme. It's pretty unique. The closest polish to it that I have is probably Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise, but even that is visibly less yellow.

When applying, I had to be careful not to overload my brush, as Chillato does tend to pool around the cuticles. I wouldn't describe it as runny, but it's something I had to be mindful of. Overall though, it's got a nice enough formula that's not too streaky for a pastel. Above is three coats.

What are you drinking today? Other than the lemonade, I've become completely obsessed with Naked and Odwalla brand fruit juice smoothies, so I'm downing a ton of those lately to help keep cool! The fact that they're crazy yummy doesn't hurt either!


  1. I totally agree, this color is pretty unique.

  2. I had been wanting Chillato since I saw it in Spring and finally bought it last week. I love it! So nice on the nail.
    Oh, nooooo - hope the a/c get fixed soon!


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