Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Look: Essie Luxeffects 2015

In what's becoming something of a winter tradition, Essie is bringing back Luxeffects again this year. But don't get too excited--this latest batch seemingly features only one new polish: a pewter bar glitter called Fringe Factor.

The rest of the promo pictures floating around the net about this collection are super grainy-looking, but from what I can tell, the other shades are all re-promotes from past Luxeffects collections: Rock At The Top, Set In Stones and A Cut Above. Stroke Of Brilliance might also be in there? Again, this is just my best guess from looking at the picture and none of this info has been officially confirmed by Essie.

And then I've included one of the blurry pics here so we can all speculate together!

Honestly, I feel like each subsequent Luxeffects release has been increasingly underwhelming. We've gotten one new shade each in the 2014 and now 2015 collections. I don't mind re-promotes when they're polishes that are rare or were only available for a short time, but all of these other Luxeffects are still readily available in-store. The original Luxeffects Collection was beloved by many (including me), but we've been missing those standout polishes like Shine of the Times in these follow-ups. Just my two cents!

I'll have more info for you guys as soon as it's available!


  1. I feel exactly the same as you. Why bring out these when there were others so pretty and no longer available - bring those back! Essie is an aggravating brand to begin with, for me. The formula is hit and miss. I was wondering if it is because so many of the essie polish I have are pastel, which are notorious for streaky first and second coats. And bar glitter? Really? I know there is something for every one but that stuff makes me shudder!

    1. Absolutely, I own a ton of Essies and they are all over the place formula-wise. OPI isn't always perfect, but I find they have the most consistency when it comes to formula. Essie seems to have a lot more lighter and pastel colors overall, so I'd never thought that it could be the reason for the hit or miss formulas , but I think it's very possible! I used to feel the same way about bar glitter! I now like it in small doses, like mixed in with other glitters, but all on its own it's still sort of weird for me.


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