Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Orly In The Mix Preview

Orly has got one of the more interesting fall collections this year. I don't mean that I think their color selection is the most intriguing, necessarily, but...well, just take a look.

Looks like a summer collection, doesn't it? There's nothing about this that looks remotely fall-ish to me. That being said, I do want to pick up Turn It Up.

In The Mix is slated to launch this August.

See anything you like here? Do you mind that the colors don't look especially autumnal?


  1. I don't feel like there's anything here that I need or want. I don't have a big hang up about spring colors verses fall or winter colors. Mostly I wear whatever strikes me on a particular day. I do like when at least a couple colors in a collection excite me. Like The blue and gray in the new Essie collection. Bell Bottoms & Frock It ? Both of those have me looking forward to actually seeing them. But, unless Orly's, In the Mix Collection looks very different on the nail, just looking at the bottles, I'll pass.

  2. I like Turn it Up and Indie. I'm a sucker for glitter toppers. These sure do look late summery though rather than fall.


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