Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zoya Aphrodite

Zoya Aphrodite might just be the most perfect red polish ever. A bold statement, yes, but when you see Aphrodite, I think you'll understand. This slightly orange-leaning red glassfleck is, to me, the standout shade from all of Zoya's summer shades. I took a bazillion pics of this polish because I'm kinda obsessed with it, so at least you guys get to see it in a bunch of different light settings!

See how bright and beautiful it is?! Just...ugh, so pretty! This is anything but "just another red." And Aphrodite not only looks perfect, she has a flawless formula to match! This was two easy coats. In fact, the only fault I can find with this polish is the bottle itself. Mine has a typo on the label:

Thought I'd share it, for laughs!

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