Sunday, December 7, 2014

a-england Briar Rose

If you've never tried an a-england polish, I can't recommend them highly enough. It's easy to see the amount of love and passion Adina puts into her polishes and I am always fascinated by the inspirations behind each shade. The shade I'll be sharing with you today is called Briar Rose. It comes from a-england's Burne-Jones Dream Collection, inspired by artist Edward Burne-Jones' series of paintings depicting scenes from Sleeping Beauty. Adina has also created collections that draw from mythology, legends, ballet, history and poetry. I love how she draws on things she finds beauty in to create beauty of her own, in the form of some truly fabulous polishes.

As for Briar Rose, it is a rich cranberry with a beautiful prismatic finish. At first, I was tempted to label this as a scattered holo but honestly it's more special than that. It's got this ethereal glow to it and while the holo is not super strong, Briar Rose still pulses and shines like it has a life of its own. a-england's holos always have this almost dream-like quality to them, which is one of the many reasons I'm such an a-england fangirl--if you couldn't tell already!

The formula here is stellar. I used two coats and then skipped the top coat, to keep the holographic shimmer fully intact. Even without top coat, I got some excellent wear out of this mani. After three days, I only had one chip and virtually zero tipwear.

Are you an a-england fan too? If you had your own polish line (a girl can dream, right?), what would it be inspired by?


  1. That's such a gorgeous color! Stunning.

    1. Thanks Lisa! Easily one of my favorite reds now and I love how rich the color is!


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